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Hello world!

my inaugural post.

organic is really quite a buzz word now. so many people advocating that we should go organic because of the many health benefits. i recall that my first encounter with organic food was in my uni days, my professor briefly mentioned about organic food stuff. he said “organic food simply means that they were produced without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. while they don’t contain any chemicals, the bacteria count of the food items may be high and these food may be prone to spoilage”. he didn’t make organic food sound very sexy at all.

my next encounter of organic food was when i met my then future mother-in-law. she tries to eat organic food when possible. her motivation was her allergies. she has very sensitive skin and “unclean” food seem to be the trigger. she also told me “you have a lot of pimples, you should eat more organic fruit and vegetables”  ‘>.<

well, that seem to be my turning point. i began reading up more about organic food and skin care, trying to find out if it was really effective or just a hoax. for one i realized that organic food really taste different from non-organic ones. organic food have more flavour and often sweeter than non-organic ones. as for skin care, organic products irritate my skin less.

i will share my experiences of going organic here. its definitely not easy “going organic”. but i hope with my sharing, you will find it worthwhile to spend a little more for better health! and skin!