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The most important meal of the day is…

on May 25, 2012


Heard of the saying “eat like a king for breakfast, like a prince for lunch and like a pauper for dinner”? Is there any basis for this?

According to the research conducted in the area of nutrition, consumption of breakfast has both short and long term beneficial effects to the human body. Studies from the Journal of Nutrition showed that intake of breakfast resulted in lowered the desire to eat and reduced overall calorie intake in the subsequent meals of the day. Other studies found that habitual breakfast eaters (from childhood to adulthood) had better health outcomes in terms of better insulin control and lower cholesterol levels, compared to those who were not habitual breakfast eaters. Interestingly, research from the Journal of Obesity reported that eating of breakfast alone is a factor that contributes to successful weight-loss maintenance!


What should we be having for breakfast?

I always start my day off with a fresh fruit. Either an orange or apple, sometimes a serve of grapes if it is in season! I like the dose of vitamins and fibre I get from the fruits J

As for mains, anything low in fat is recommended. There is emerging evidence suggesting that high fat meals increase a hunger hormone in our body, causing us to eat more in the subsequent meals. Nutrition surveys conducted in the US found that people who consume cereal related products or bread had lower BMI compared those who eat meat or eggs for breakfast! On most days, I make myself a low fat cheese sandwich and finish my meal with a nice coffee.

But does this mean we kiss Ya Kun and the like goodbye? Of course not! Nutrition is about eating in moderation. Have good breakfast for most days of the week and indulge in a rich breakfast once a week sounds reasonable to me.

More healthy breakfast in future posts!


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