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Puretopia Instant Recovery Lip Balm

I’m a person who dislikes applying lip balm or lip gloss. The reason is because I dislike having the sticky feeling on my lip and most of all, dislike staining my water bottle and mugs with the balm/gloss. As it turns out, I’m a person with very dry lips, those flaky ones if you can imagine. I always get comments from my family and friends telling me how dry my lips are. -.-  And because of the flakes, I seldom apply lip balms from the stick because the “clumps” of balm tend to get stuck under the crevices of my flaky lips. It’s an uncomfortable feeling.

I bought this lip balm from Puretopia in my recent trip down under. As I became increasingly aware of chemicals in skincare products, I made sure to choose to one that is free from chemicals. Furthermore, lip balm is a product that we may easily consume unintentionally simply because it’s on our lips! Most lip balms contain petroleum jelly and I’m glad this one does not. The petroleum jelly is supposed to help lock in moisture for our lips, but I just cannot come to terms with ‘eating’ petroleum. It HAS to have some effects on our bodies in the long run. No? 



I later found out that Puretopia is an Australian owned company that aims to create natural skin and haircare products to meet the needs of women. All Puretopia products do not contain parabens (remember that’s a compound used to extend shelf-life of products!) and they use natural herbal extracts as natural preservatives. They also care for the environment by using materials that are recyclable. This company does not state that they are organic in anyway but overall I’m glad that they use natural products instead of chemicals.

My verdict on this lip balm? I like it that it is “liquidy” and it glides over my lips and coating it thinly. This means no more clumping of balms on my dry flaky lips. After applying it for a few days I could feel the difference on my lips as the flakes started to disappear. I would say it is pretty nourishing. However the scent of the balm needs some getting used it. Probably because it is unscented and the overall smell of the product is overshadowed by the castor seed oil.


I purchased my Puretopia Instant Recovery Lip Balm from Priceline in Australia for AUD 9.95 (10ml). The Puretopia line is carried by several big companies like Terry White and Big W just to name a couple. You can look up their stockist website if you are looking it purchase it!

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